Hello, and thank you for taking the time out to find out more about our values and ethos at Expurgo.

With the home being the largest financial outlay and biggest expenditure in most of our lives we understand how important it is to keep it as well looked after as possible. That is why we pride ourselves on treating both your home and windows as if they were our own.

Our intention is to provide a thorough and efficient clean whilst keeping the process both hassle free and unobtrusive. We believe that a clean home both in and out is the first step towards a happy life.

In Latin Expurgo means 'To cleanse and purify', we keep this ethos at the heart of our window cleaning services.

Our Values

  • Your privacy is not compromised as upstairs windows can be cleaned from ground level.
  • Less chance of damage to your property as no heavy ladders are involved
  • Frames, Sills and UPVC doors included in every clean.
  • ​Removes the environmental impact by using no chemicals
  • Windows in places that can't be reached by ladder can often ​be cleaned using the Reach and Wash system.


  • To provide a consistent window cleaning service that you can rely on
  • To pay attention to detail in our service and your requests
  • ​​To re-clean your windows within 48 hours if you are not satisfied with the level of service.

Our Promise

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For more information on the Reach and Wash system click here.

The Reach and wash method (aka the water fed pole system) starts by running regular tap water through a purification system, the now purified water runs from a tank installed in our van through a hose, up an extended pole then finally through the brush head, as the brush head with purified water spraying out moves across the window, the dirt is removed. After the whole window has been brushed the pole is lifted away from the surface of the glass, and more water is sprayed onto the window to give it a final rinse. The window is left to dry naturally,and because the water is totally pure there are no mineral deposits or other residues left over.

The advantages to you are:

Our Method